In Howard County,
like the rest of the country, African Americans are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

Even though nearly everyone is…

Washing hands

Keeping distance

Wearing masks


Racism has led to inequities that impact African American health.

  • Safety

  • Bias in care

  • Care access

  • Food access

  • Job access

  • Housing

  • Education

Howard county is taking action

Equity work isn't new here.
This moment in time is.

Work to change the laws and practices that drive health inequity has been happening in Howard County for years – led by Black community leaders and ally organizations. If you want to make an impact and be part of this cultural shift – now is the time to join in. See how below.

See how below.

Take Action

Demand local action

Sign the petition to support immediate action to advance racial equity in Howard County.

Sign it

Attend Horizon's equity training

The Horizon Foundation’s equity trainings bring together community members and leaders to learn about tools to address health disparities in Howard County.

Sign up for updates

Get involved with local orgs

Tell us what equity issues interest you. We’ll connect you with those leading the work.


Tell us more

Send us your thoughts on the changes that need to happen and we’ll discuss them at our equity roundtable. Or, tell us what changes you’re already working on.

Access Resources

Health inequities in Howard County

Learn about the state of health inequity in Howard County and what must be done in this 2020 report from The Horizon Foundation.
Read more   >

How racism makes us sick

Watch   >

Why are Black Americans hardest hit by coronavirus?

Watch   >

Chronic stress – caused by racism – impacts health

Watch   >

Racial bias in healthcare impacts health

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Anti-racist reading list

While we push to change racist laws and practices, we can also examine our everyday actions and learn to do better. Here are books to help.
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Solutions for Howard County

This 2020 report from the Horizon Foundation outlines specific action that must be taken to address health inequity in Howard County.
Read more   >

Vote for change in November

Fighting for racial equity means voting for those who will change racist laws and policies. Request your vote-by-mail ballot by clicking “read more” below.
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Howard County COVID testing locations

Full list of testing locations in the county.
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Howard County COVID assistance

While we work towards larger change, there’s immediate help in Howard County. Get help with food access, healthcare, housing, utilities, childcare, employment and more.
Read more   >

CDC prevention guidance

Here’s the latest prevention guidance from the CDC to help safeguard the health of our entire community.
Read more   >

Complete the census

All Howard Countians need to be accurately counted in the Census. An undercount will reduce Howard County’s federal and state funding that can be used to fight racism.
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Advice from African American leaders

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Why the Horizon Foundation?

The Horizon Foundation began its equity journey in 2018 after analyzing local research and data that showed some Howard County residents, especially communities of color, face barriers to good health, overall wellness and opportunity. We’re committed to advancing policies and systems change that promise equitable health outcomes, elevating the voices of leaders from diverse communities, building the capacity of community organizations to advocate for health equity and providing targeted grants to organizations to amplify impact in communities of color. This campaign is one piece of our broader work to combat health inequity in every impacted community in Howard County. Visit our homepage here to learn more about our equity work.

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